Nursing Home Audiology

Many nursing homes are only partially served, lacking a full facility program testing and treating all your residents.  From what we have observed, the for-profit services currently visiting nursing homes act as on-call services, do not work with difficult residents, and do not offer rechargeable hearing aids through Medicaid.

Most patients with cognitive decline or dementia are not candidates for hearing testing, therefore living with the complications of poor hearing.  We have invested heavily in hospital-grade test equipment which is a passive, objective test based on EEG brain wave testing that literally watches the brain light up when test sounds are played.  This test, along with other tests in a proprietary regimen, allows us to accurately prescribe the correct hearing rehabilitation program for each resident.

The Colorado Nursing Home Association, of which we are a Platinum Sponsor, is working with nursing facilities on a music therapy program to help those with cognitive decline and dementia. We are coordinating our hearing program with this endeavor by connecting our hearing aids to the MP3 players provided by families or the nursing home at a slight extra cost.

We interact with hundreds of Social Workers each month and understand how busy you are. Our processes and procedures are designed to make both our lives easier and we save hundreds of hours of social services time each year in our facilities.

We schedule by email, thus reducing phone calls. When possible, we submit directly to the insurer after verifying with the appropaite parties to get insight and agreement that the treatment plans are appropriate.

We send encrypted email to you with all the progress notes and treatment plans on the spot, providing you inserts for the medical record as well as daily reports and other records to ensure compliance with state requirements. Full PETI packets are emailed to you within 3 business days, requiring only 2 signatures to complete the submittal process.

We believe you will find VAS easy to work with.
If you need any references, please give Lisa a call at 303-650-5800 x102